Usability Testing of Wegmans RX Web Portal
Usability Testing
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Usability tests are a fundamental part of any UX designer's tool kit. They're my favorite part of the job and always yield extraordinary insights for minimal cost. Usability tests can identify problems with onboarding new users, identify pain points for current users, and be used as a rubric to ensure new features and updates truly improve the user experience.

I worked with Wegmans Rx team to perform usability tests on the web portal of Wegmans Pharmacy. This project was conducted along with my classmates for the course of Usability Testing at RIT.

Wegmans Pharmacy Portal

The Wegmans Pharmacy online portal caters to adults who require pharmacy services. 

The portal provides services such as prescription refills, prescription transfer to Wegmans Pharmacy, prescription management for family members and pets, refill reminders and reminders to take medication.

About the study

The study focuses on the following :

  • Gather feedback from users regarding the overall usability of the Wegmans Pharmacy portal.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of information, feedback, and communication of system state provided on the Wegmans Pharmacy portal.
  • Evaluate the account management experience for a user on the Wegmans Pharmacy portal.
  • Evaluate the first-use intuitiveness of the Wegmans Pharmacy portal.

Research Questions

  • Primary Functionality

    • How convenient is it for a user to perform “refill prescription” process on the Wegmans pharmacy portal?
  • Account management

    • How convenient is it for a user to modify their account details on the Wegmans pharmacy portal?
    • How easy is it for the users to set and change their account preferences?
  • First Use Intuitiveness

    • Are the available service options clear to first-time users as they navigate the Wegmans pharmacy portal?
  • Overall Usability

    • How clear is the language used on the pharmacy portal to describe available user actions and communicate helpful information?
    • How easily can users identify widgets they can interact with, e.g clickable links and icons, on the pharmacy portal?
    • How clear and helpful are error messages about a problem on the pharmacy portal?